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Amy Simler Webster - Cutler Real Estate Agent


First Time Buyer/Starter Homes


Dog Lover, Family, Gardening, Hiking / Camping, Music, Needle Crafting, Reading / Writing, Traveling


Cutler Real Estate asked Amy a few questions so you can get to know her better, and here are Amy's replies.

1. What is your educational background?

Bachelor's from Ohio University 

2. Why did you choose a career in real estate?

I chose to become a Realtor because of my involvement on the home inspection side. SIMLER Inspections, Inc. is our family owned business and the two fields go hand in hand. 

3. What area do you live in currently and what do you like about where you live?

I live on the Southwest side of Massillon and love it. Its a very neighborly area and very Massillon Tiger Proud. It is the perfect mix for us having land as well as being in the city limits. 

4. How do you spend your free time?

I like to sew, quilt, hike with our dogs, and spend time with family. I also love doing home improvement projects on my 115 year old Victorian home. I am currently pregnant and preparing for my first baby and I imagine all of my free time will be devoted to her very soon! 

5. If you could only keep 5 possessions what would they be?

Tough question! When I really start thinking about it, no possession seems incredibly important. However, I would be devastated to lose my wedding ring, family photos, and a few inherited family heirlooms. 

6. In one word, how do you think your friends/family would describe you?



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